We have been asked by clients to post openings. However, with the number of clients and implementations underway the undertaking is preposterous. We have seen other sites with what we consider to be bait and hook lists of average openings. And, we love not to do this for privacy reasons. We are far too complex an organization to be able to keep such a list posted as the needs of our clients change weekly. This is a site dedicated to helping you educate yourself in the options open to you and to then have a market study done on your behalf within one or more of the specific employment categories. The end result is the greatest selection of SAP employment opportunities presented for your review and a successful placement. We know the SAP world, and as such will be your greatest aide in obtaining the optimal position for you. SAP is all we do. From programmer to project lead and divisional director to a geographical sales manager for a large consulting company, we will find the right position for your skill sets and experience. Remember, this is a Real Time Response System and you will have a reply from us either instantaneously or within 24 hours.