Achieving an extraordinary result, in operations of finance, is perhaps A remarkable feat for any startup. Making revenue, and keeping the team happy, and maintaining this balance is a job of CEO. Frequently the results are the outcome of the great team whether an individual player. Even so to you fall from a collection of individuals to high performance team, the group must be always led by an amazing leader, and the team should be united by notable team culture, compensate each and every team individual for their respective team efforts, and that the leadership process that writes needed to assume any given responsibilities. 

As often as not, superior company results depend on highly collaborative teams that make individuals, who is a group, like cogs in a wheel, hiran all cylinders in pursuit of team goals. Evolution of a group of employees to high performance team request for things; a stellar team leader, the group function that evolves from the teams culture, indiaresult right that I will match to the team roles and responsibilities, and reward system that horner's both individual and the team members' efforts. We are writing down a few elements in this perspective.,

Team leadership 

Team leaders Must Think big, but not too big as not to lose focus and sacrifice performance of employees. One has to well except what is capable. To run a team well, the leader must function individual behaviour that reflect his frame of reference. The leader include every action that contributes towards the team effectiveness. What separates the dreamer from an exceptional team leader is the ease with which the latter fastest relationship using positive vibes, two blaster team productivity. 

Team culture 

Learn to accept diversity. Everyone is different and do process a certain skill that makes them unique. Perhaps only way you can bring the team together, is rewarding your team well for each of the collective contributions.