3H Partners: With a combination of entrepreneurial style and business management sense, this firm can help companies in a wide variety of industries and disciplines.

10 Jumps: They offer innovative technology solutions for companies of any size. In particular, they develop cloud and mobile products, including enterprise solutions.

Acteno: This company offers measurement and management of energy use. High resolution data collection is necessary for effective monitoring of energy use as necessary for complying with regulation standards.

AdMaster: Marketing data technology company that measures how effective your digital marketing strategies are. They use a software-as-a-service platform that takes data and makes it actionable.

Alegri: An IT consultant that guides clients through all processes of organization, planning, and development. They optimize business processes across multiple platforms.

Alert Enterprise: The Silicon Valley solution to security. Works across platform to prevent insider threat, fraud, theft, sabotage and acts of terrorism.

Alight Analytics: Integrates all data into one platform, making it easier to analyze and report on all data in one place.
Anifesto: One interface for all bank accounts and financial information. Categorization of spending makes budgeting simpler.
Ankhor: Platform for data processing from various sources. The workbench is useful for realizing, scaling, and collaborating on major projects.

AnyPresence: Platform for enabling mobile and app solutions. Additionally secures connectivity to server or cloud.
Approyo: Tailored and customized technology solutions through cloud environments.

Aqumin: Visualization platform that makes it easier to turn data into actionable information through a 3D interactive environment.

Bankhawk Analytics: Banking analytics software puts all your financial information in one place and provides easy spending management and insights.

Basis Technology: Artificial intelligence in the form of linguistic analysis. They create software that extracts meaning from multilingual information.

Bascule: Interactive solutions to communication and connecting with consumers. Attempts to foster relationships between brand and people with playful advertising.

Bime: Data analysis made easy with custom metrics, reports, and dashboards. All analytics tools are in one place, making it simple to use.

Blue Yonder: Application for grocery and fashion retail that makes predictions about the future and makes restocking decisions based on those.

C-B4 Predictive Technologies: Turns data into predictions to provide recommendations and insight to decision makers.
Causata: Customer experience management software that creates meaningful customer experiences through data and predictions.

Cliris: Measures and tracks consumer traffic data at point of sale to provide analysis of shifting consumer behaviors.

Clockwork: Time- and money-saving support for acquiring assets. Uses data to predict future performance and cost.

ConnectBright: Yelp for businesses. Fast and unbiased search engine to find a vendor of products or services.

Clicktale: Experience management platform for customer data on web, mobile, and apps. Analysis of customer behavior.

Core Mobile Networks, Inc.: Mobile app that gives employees access to data from their information technology networks.

Data Field: Digital survey software that allows people to easily respond on smartphones, even offline. Collects all the data in one place.

DataSift: Human data intelligence platform. Without compromising privacy, it turns data into actionable information on human interactions.

EasyAsk: Google meets language intelligence. A site search, navigation and merchandising solution that uses multilingual language processing for best results.

EngineRoom.io: Secure private cloud service for big data with high performance data analysis. It supports all types of data.

Evoscout: Tracks prices for online retailers and manufacturers. Helps you to discover what other manufacturers are selling your products.

Eyedro: Electronics and software design company that focuses on affordable energy management products and cloud services.

Fan Appz: Through multichannel marketing, targets fans to turn them into consumers. Social media-based marketing strategies.

Feedzai: Commerce platform powered by artificial intelligence and big data. Designed to manage risks for online commerce in person or online, even on apps.

FusionOps: Supply chain cloud-based analytics. Apps with pre-populated industry standard metrics and data models make the process easy.

Gaminside: Game mechanics and design technique applied to customer relations. Solutions, service, and software for increased customer loyalty.

GoCatch: Australia’s uber. Reliable and affordable rideshare and taxi services. Provides options for both drivers and passengers.

Greenlight Technologies: Integrates and correlates data across applications to monitor and manage risk. Additionally, it assists in regulation compliance.

Groupsoft: Implementation and consulting services specifically for retail and fashion industries. Mobile cloud offerings.
HoneyTracks: Player relationship management and game analytics. The software is capable of defining multidimensional cohorts based on various criteria.

Hyperbees: Publishing and management of mobile games.

iSky: Customer engagement programs that capture motives of consumers and use them to make financial predictions.

ISSI: Software as a service specializing in commercial software for the tax field. Supporting services in scanning and indexing are also offered.

Stelae Technologies: Produces software that publishes unstructured data as documents. One solution for many different output types.

KloudData: Software solutions and services provider that minimizes cost, risk, and complexity while also improving efficiency and increasing growth.

Leverton: Intelligent information extraction. Facilitates data-driven decisions but creating actionable information from unstructured data.

Liquid Analytics: Enterprise software that is focused on user experience. Doing this allows you to optimize productivity.

Miaozhen Systems: Marketing data technology that is focused on ad tracking, serving, and media optimization to maximize market returns.

MiBS: Provides product solutions in the areas of supply chain management, logistics, warehousing, and distribution.

Nadhi: Enterprise solutions and solutions for construction supply chain management. They develop analytics and decision support solutions.

NetCeler: Design and deployment of innovative monitoring solutions for electrical networks, transport, and industry.

NextPrinciples: Intuitive enterprise solutions for automated social marketing. Speeds up the process of getting revenue.

Nubefy: Gives clients tools and insight on how to manage new cloud technologies. Assists in expanding beyond the boundaries of a single cloud.

Next Audience: Online marketing management. Customizable technology to help you deliver, track, and optimize online marketing.

nFluence: Also known as autoGraph. Uses first-party data for more personalized and specific marketing and engagement.

NexVisionIX: Analytics of in-store customer behavior and shopping data. Video analytics, Wi-Fi detection, and sensor devices are used to improve customer experience and sales.

Optessa: Scheduling made simple. High-quality and ready-to-use production planning. The system considers all solutions and arrives at the optimal one.

OpenBrace: Kick-ass product development startup working on solving real-world problems.

Ostia: Clever test systems that simulate real customer-application interactions. Allows for specific adaptation to business needs.

Passenger: Community engagement management with data analytics that provide actionable information for connecting with customers.

Pointpal: Loyalty cards on your smartphone. Provides both rewards for the consumer as well as more data for the merchant as well as a messaging platform for one-to-one engagement.

Primal: Google with AI. Intelligent search engine that learns your interests in order to provide the best content in results.

PrimeQue: Allows you to use more natural language instead of programming language to search business applications and databases.

Qunb: Automated report writing and business analysis. Cloud based data visualization that provides custom reports with one click.

Qison: Product development solutions and services. Risk-sharing business model with scalable and intuitive applications.

Retailigence: Marketing platform to get product sales offline in stores using marketing metrics and user experiences.

Sambaash: Technology innovation for business growth. Using a website as employees to increase marketing, sales, innovation, and productivity.

Senexx: Question and answer platform that uses natural language processing and AI. Allows employees to quickly and easily find critical information.

SenSen Networks: Smart city solutions. Uses object tracking, data fusion, signal processing, and pattern recognition.

Sensitel Inc.: Collects data from sensors embedded in electronic products to help companies gain insight into their business.

Site4D: High quality software for the visualization of data. Maximize corporate value through customer insight.

Sogamo: Personalized marketing tools for web and app developers. Real-time support via powerful analytics platform, targeted messaging tool, and smart offer engine.

Space-Time Insight: Visual analytics applications that provide context and clarity for big picture data. Shows what, where, when, why, and how of situations.

Swrve: Mobile engagement platform. Helps enterprise organizations to deliver compelling mobile experience to increase engagement and revenue.

Taodyne: 3D interactive presentations and communication tools. Works on any 2D or 3D device without glasses.

Taulia: Strengthens supplier relationships in supply chain. Turns invoices into revenue opportunities.

Thingworx: Cloud-based service and software. Development tools for managing connected and products and machines.

Ubermetrics Technologies: Media monitoring technology. Uses public information to find possible risks and trends.

Valire: Business process validation system. Monitors and validates quality, business transactions, and normal maintenance.

Vapzer: Exits and enters trades based on technical data. Custom algorithms and expert advisors maintain strict money management guidelines.

Warwick Analytics: Automated predictive analytics. In particular, works with heterogeneous datasets in varied sectors.

WeissBeerger: Big data analytics especially for beverage consumption. Technology built into taps is used to gather statistics.

Wholeschool: Education platform and services. Supports integrated services including curriculum planning and school improvement and compliance.

Zettaset: Big data security and encryption services. Systems that fit easily into existing IT networks and database environments.